Support Our School!

We're lucky to have so many generous families who are part of our school. If you'd like to contribute your time, talents, or make a financial contribution, we have a few options listed below:

Fundraising: We participate in various fundraisers throughout the school year. Watch for upcoming fundraising opportunities in your email, school newsletter, and on our Facebook page.

Amazon Wishlist: We have created a wish list on Amazon with many great items that the school could use for the classrooms.  All items have been specifically requested by the teachers and will directly benefit the education of our students. Use the link below to purchase items.

Congo Wish List 

Pay-It-Forward Fund: We strive to make our school equitable and accessible for all families, regardless of their socioeconomic status. We have a Pay It Forward fund that can be used to pay tuition for families in need of financial assistance. If you'd like to contribute to this fund, you can add any amount on to your monthly tuition check. Indicate "Pay-It-Forward" and the amount donated in the memo line.

Donation: If you'd like to make a general donation to the school, you can write a check to Congregational Preschool and include "General Donation" in the memo line.

Time and Talents: Do you have a unique talent you'd like to share with our students? Are you passionate about your culture and want to enrich our curriculum with a presentation, workshop, or activity? We'd love to have you! Contact Sarah to talk more about your ideas. 

Email: or phone: 608-784-3640