Sarah Nighbor


Hello! My name is Sarah and I am the director here at Congregational Preschool.  I grew up in West Salem and went to UWL for my Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education.  My final student teaching placement in college was in preschool and I immediately fell in love with it, and I haven’t left it since.  I’ve worked for a couple of local daycare centers, taught at Head Start in La Crosse, and I was the aquatics director in West Salem in my summers. 

I transitioned from teaching to directing at Congo in January 2023 and it has been exciting to channel my love for early childhood education in this new direction.  My favorite thing about being the director is that I get to have ALL of the preschoolers and families in my “class.”

My husband Brian and I have two amazing, wild, creative boys–Winston is in 2nd grade and Ozzie is in kindergarten–and we live in West Salem with our two dogs (Zuke and Indy) and 3 cats (Dudley, Wompus, and Piggy).