Sandra Stingl

Hello, I am Sandra Stingl, a teacher of 3 year olds for more than a dozen years at Congregational preschool! That fact, may I say, is one I am very happy about and proud of! But, let me tell you a bit about myself.

I was born and raised in La Crosse, attending St Thomas Cathedral and Aquinas schools. After attending college in the Chicago area, I returned to La Crosse to live and work. Being a strongly family oriented person, I also wanted to be where my parents, especially my wheel chair bound mother, lived. I met my husband in the 3rd grade, and after attending college in N. Dakota, he decided to come back to La Crosse to be closer to me! My husband of 30 yrs. is also a teacher and we have two great kids. My daughter is a working college grad in Eau Claire, and my son is a working college student at UW-Platteville. We have a cockapoo named Oliver and various fish, (unnamed). In our old house, we like to do remodeling, stained glass, sewing, and a host of other projects together.

My daughter is actually the reason I am at Congregational Preschool. It was after here experience as a student, and my experience as a parent, that I decided this school was the place for me. I stayed at home with my children doing child care until they were school age and then approached Congregational when I was ready to return to teaching. The personal, friendly, and professional atmosphere of our school was the draw for me, and I personally feel very strongly about the importance of our children’s “first” teachers. This responsibility I take very seriously and yet I can’t imagine enjoying a job more than I do! I work to establish a “team” in the classroom of happy, respectful, communicative and healthy learners – through socialization, play and project work, that prepare them for kindergarten and beyond.

Feel free to contact me through the school at 784-3640. I’d love to talk to you and your child.