Young 3s

Young 3’s You & Me Program

The “You and Me” and “Me On My Own” class is for the student who is not three by September 1st but who will have a 3rd birthday by December 31st. A parent or special adult accompanies the student during the first semester on Thursday mornings from 8:40am to 11:15am to participate and encourage their child’s learning experience. Then, with an easier transition, the student attends school on his or her own independently starting in January on both Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 8:40am – 11:15am. During this gently structured class, the students learn how to line up, wait their turn, share with their peers, follow directions and be responsible for themselves, just to name a few. Circle time is appropriately planned for listening to stories, learning new songs and finger-plays, and for dancing and playing with instruments. These young students participate in structured free-choice, playtime that includes a wide variety of activities, play dough fun, sensory table experiences, cognitive games, dress-up, dramatic play, small motor, and a variety of block play. Large motor development is also encouraged through play, both outside on the playground as well as in out large indoor playroom on a daily basis.

**Young three-year-olds must be three by December 31. Students enrolled in the “Me On My Own” class in January will need to be toilet trained.