Our Amazing Monday through Friday Tuition-Free 4K Program

Our publicly-funded four-year-old kindergarten program is a collaboration with the School District of La Crosse and is tuition free. It is five half days, Monday through Friday, with morning or afternoon classes available. The goals and philosophy of Congregational Preschool and the public school district are well aligned. Social and self-development, math, language, and small and large physical development are all appropriately addressed by Congregational Preschool staff, who are certified Early Childhood Teachers and have all earned Bachelors Degrees in Elementary Education. When enrolled in our 4K program, your child experiences the great advantages of small class sizes, a unique family-style culture, long-tenured teachers, and a Teacher’s Assistant in each classroom. All of these features allows children to receive special, individualized attention with all ingredients necessary to prepare them for their next educational journey in kindergarten. We also offer all day care, with before and after school options and Lunch Bunch, to meet your family’s needs.